YouTube Officially Launched In Pakistan – Now Allows You To Earn Money Through Videos

After suffering a nearly three and a half year ban in Pakistan, YouTube was unblocked earlier this year when Google launched a localized version of the website. This gave local authorities the power to remove any content that is deemed inappropriate according to Pakistan’s standards.

But the localized version of YouTube was mostly kept quiet. You could only tell it was local because the logo showed the ‘PK’ extension.

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Google Officially Launched YouTube On Wednesday

In a press conference held at the DHA Golf Club, Karachi, it was officially announced that the popular video sharing platform is now fully functional in Pakistan.

14441017_1217448121652657_7549138495006818269_nThis official launch came with a surprise every video content creator in Pakistan was waiting for. A way to generate money through their video content.

Google has made the YouTube Partner programme officially live in Pakistan.

14492426_1217448101652659_3538763975930012586_nNow anyone can create a channel, put on some videos and can start making money through putting ads on their videos through the YouTube Partner program.

This will greatly benefit social video content creators like Zaid Ali T, Bekaar Films, Sham Idrees and many more who depended on sponsorships from third parties in order to make money.

More features made available through the official launch

14433103_1371353862882419_7346303140574744887_nThe localized version of YouTube will now allow anyone to watch videos offline too. You can now head over to YouTube and finally download videos without using a third party application.