We Seriously Thought This Was A Bollywood Item Song..But It’s Not!

Mathira Takes It To The Next Level

Last night when randomly scrolling and view videos on YouTube, I landed on this video. Without reading the description and by just looking at the thumbnail of the video, just like any other lonely guy, I clicked away.

It was only soon that I realized what I was seeing was a familiar face. The video, lyrics, choreography, the lady.. it all felt like I was viewing a video from a steamy Bollywood item number.

Then I went on to read the description and found out it was a song titled ‘Butter Jawani’ from the recently released Pakistani movie ‘Blind Love’. It was surprising to see that given the nature of the song, the lyrics and the way it’s shot, it caught no one’s attention. It didn’t even make it to social media trends in Pakistan.

But here it is. A song that can easily be mistaken for a hot Bollywood item unless you are familiar with the faces or read the description. Is this good for the Pakistani Cinema or bad? Let us know what you think below.


Here’s another peek at Mathira’s performance from the movie.

Blind Love Was Released On August 5th, 2016

Even though the movie didn’t make it big on the media, it still went on to earn around 25 lacs on its opening day, which is pretty good to say the least.

The film features Mathira, Amir Qureshi, Yasir Shah, Nimra Khan, Imran Bukhari & Fawad Jalal in leading roles.

Watch the trailer below:

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