Samsung Rolls Out A New Update That Provides A Temporary Fix For Exploding Note 7 Phones

Since the launch of the popular Samsung Note 7 ‘phablet’ phone, the company has been going through a lot. In August, as soon as the phone was made available, news of batteries exploding started appearing all over the internet.

Samsung found out that the cause of such explosions was indeed a fault in the battery. This triggered the smartphone giant to recall all of it’s new phones.

Since then people have been very speculative in buying the Note 7 and many authorities like the aviation and airline companies have started asking people to shut off their Note 7 on the plane.

In another attempt, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission also urged people to completely stopped using the phone.

Samsung Rolls Out A Software Update That Temporarily Fixes The Problem


Although Samsung is generously asking people to return the faulty phones back for a new one, many are still using it despite the warnings.

The South Korean electronic giant has just rolled out a new software update that stops the battery from being charged beyond 60%. This is the threshold which Samsung believes once crossed, causes the battery to explode.

The automatic update will be applied on your phone on 20 September. On the next day, Samsung will also start shipping new Note 7 handsets with updated batteries.

Until the phone is available for purchase again, you can keep using it with the new update.