PTCL Launches Smart Link App – Allows Your Smartphone To Receive Landline Calls On The Go

The Smart Link app from PTCL is back. The newly redesigned app now allows PTCL landline users to receive and make calls from their landline through their smartphone.

The Smart Link app, after being installed on your phone, enables it to receive calls on your landline directly over the internet. The call is turned into an internet call via 3G and WiFi.

The biggest advantage of the Smart Link app is that it allows you to pick landline calls even when you are not in Pakistan. Pretty nifty!

The Smart Link app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

The new Smart Link app introduces new features


The relaunched Smart Link app now also comes with a host of new useful features. The redesigned interface gives a refined user experience as well as allows to receive high quality, undisturbed calls via fast 3G internet.

In addition to receiving and making calls via your landline number on your smartphone, the Smart Link app also brings the following features:

  • Video Calls
  • Messenger
  • Flight inquiries
  • Smart TV
  • Call recording
  • Multiple calls
  • Call logs
  • Unique Ringtones


Here’s how the application works:

  1. You can now receive and make landline calls via 3G or WiFi.
  2. Call identification to receiving party is shown as your landline number
  3. Calls receivable even outside Pakistan without extra charges. Only internet rates apply of the country where you are.
  4. The app is integrated with your current contact list on smartphone
  5. Any landline call made will be billed according to landline tariffs from PTCL


The Usefulness of Smart Link App

Even if you do not wish to receive landline calls on your phone, the PTCL Smart Link app is still worth installing.

Instead of making calls through your mobile network, you can utilize the PTCL number when calling on a landline. This will save you balance as well as get you lower rates.

The biggest advantage is the ability to receive landline calls when you are outside Pakistan. This will save you a lot of money on roaming charges. Simply use the Smart Link app to make calls via your landline number when outside Pakistan and your landline will be billed instead.

In an occasion where you run out of balance, you can always use your currently installed 3G package to make calls via landline. This is extremely useful in some situations where your balance runs out without notice and there is no mobile network cards or recharge available.

Here is the official TVC of the relaunched Smart Link App:

How To Get Smart App on your phone?

Its very easy to get the Smart Link app on your smartphone.


If you are an Android user, head over to the Play Store  and download the app. Once installed, you will be prompted to fill in a registration form where you will add your PTCL landline details which include your CNIC, Account ID, Email, Name, Cell number and PSTN number. As soon as your application is approved, you will be able to use the app to make calls immediately.

The application requires Android version 2.2 and up.

For iOS users, the process is same. Head over to the App Store and download the application and install it. Afterwards you will be prompted with the same registration form above.

NOTE: iPhone users, please be advised that PTCL Smart App requires iOS 8.0 and above. If you are still lurking within iOS 7, you will not be able to get the application. Additionally, the App supports iPad and iPod having the same version of iOS and above.