Planning To Sell Your Old iPhone In Pakistan? Here’s A Little Guide To Get You Started

Last week Apple unveiled the new addition to the iPhone family, the iPhone 7 and 7+. The new iPhone comes with a host of new features that make it worth upgrading. If you are planning to acquire the new phone, you are probably looking forward to sell off your old iPhone to supplement the cost of a new one.

Here’s a little guide to help you out with the selling process.

The very first thing you need to do is to completely wipe of your data from your old iPhone. The last thing you don’t want is your data, such as contact numbers, messaging and other details landing in the hands of an unknown buyer.

Wiping off iPhone and backing the data up


Here’s a step by step guide to back up and remove your data from your current iPhone.

  1. If you are a sucker for Apple products, you probably also own an Apple Watch. If you have an Apple Watch paired up with your iPhone, proceed to the unpairing process on the Watch App and make sure it is completely off the radar from your iPhone.
  2. Next you need to start backing your data up. Simply connect your iPhone to a PC or Mac that has iTunes or iCloud on it. If you’re on iOS 8, you can check the status by going to Settings > iCloud > Backup. If you are still on iOS 7 or an earlier version, you need to go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup.
  3. Next you need to make sure you are signed out of iCloud. Go to Settings > iCloud, scroll down a bit and tap Sign Out. For iOS 7 or earlier, the button should be Delete Account.
  4. iOS will ask you to confirm your actions. Tap the Sign Out button again and then tap Delete from My iPhone (this should trigger password confirmation).
  5. Now you can go and delete your data. To do this, simply go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. If you have turned on ‘Find My iPhone’, then you may be asked to enter your Apple ID and Password. Enter the passcode or restrictions passcode and tap on the new action button ‘Erase iPhone’ when the phone prompts you.
  6. That’s it! Your iPhone is completely wiped off from all kinds of personal data.

Just make sure that beyond this, there is no going back. If you didn’t backup your data, your data is lost for ever.

Preparing To Sell


Before you start looking for buyers, you need to make sure your iPhone looks great. Remember, first impression is the last impression.

To get your iPhone to look the best, remove the old screen and back protectors, clean the phone with a dry cloth and put on new screen and back protector.

This should give your phone a very neat look that will instantly impress the buyer and he may be willing to pay the amount you ask.

Where To Sell iPhone In Pakistan

While there are many places you can sell of your iPhone, there are some specific sources where you should steer clear off.

If possible, do not sell of your iPhone to a mobile shop regardless of where you live in Pakistan. The retail shops will only pay you a fraction of amount of what your iPhone is really worth it.


The best places to sell your iPhone is through online portals such as OLX. But remember, when dealing with online buyers, always schedule a meeting in the daytime and in a place that is sufficiently crowded.

There are also tons of Facebook groups that allow buy and sell on the social media. You could join one of these groups that are situated in your city and start looking for buyers.

Let your friends know that you are selling your iPhone so they can also spread the word for you. Often the best sellers and buyers are found through personal contacts. So never hesitate to announce it on your Facebook personal profile that you are interested in selling your iPhone.

To make things even better, take very nice and clear photos of your iPhone so that everything is visible properly to the interested buyer. Most buyers will simply avoid your post if the photos are not clear enough.

If everything fails, you can then try your luck at the local mobile shops who will willingly take your phone in any condition for a little less price, but at least you’ll be able to sell it right away.

Good luck!