Misbah To Be Honored With Test Mace On September 21

The International Cricket Council (ICC) announced on Friday that Misbah Ul Haq, Pakistan’s current test captain, will be presented with Test Mace on the 21st of September in Lahore.

Test Mace Is Given To The Captain Of The Number 1 Test Team


The Test team is not an honor to be taken lightly. The mace is presented only to the test captain of the number one team in the world in official ICC test rankings.

Misbah will be the first ever Pakistani captain to receive such an international honor.

The website of ICC announced that the chief executive David Richardson of ICC will be present at the presentation at 1030 PST to present the honor. There will be short media conference after the presentation ends.

Pakistan Rise To Number 1

Pakistan became the number one test team in the world when they drew against England 2-2 during their recent tour which spanned test matches as well as one days and a T20.

Pakistan is currently at the top of world test rankings with 111 points to their name. Below them, just short with 1 point is arch-rival India. The third position is held by Australia and England both with 108 points each.

What Is The Test Mace?


The test mace was produced by British Crown Jeweller, Asprey & Garrard in 2001. It was commissioned to become a honorable prize that was distinguishable enough to be unique in all of cricket trophies.

The mace has a 90cm silver rod with a gold plated trophy on the top based on cricket stumps.

The mace was valued at STG£30,000 in 2001. It is passed on from team to team when the leadership of ICC Test Team Rankings table change.

Here is the current ICC Test Team Rankings Table

  1. Pakistan 111
  2. India 110
  3. Australia 108
  4. England 108
  5. South Africa 96
  6.  Sri Lanka 95
  7.  New Zealand 95
  8.  West Indies 67
  9. Bangladesh 57
  10. Zimbabwe 8