You May Think This Is A 5 Star Hotel Room In Lahore, But What’s Really Inside Will Surprise you

Once again Pakistan is setting the news feed on fire. What looks like a room from a 5 star hotel is actually not a hotel room at all.

These pictures belong to newly designed rooms belong to National Hospital Lahore which has recently inaugurated a floor of high class hospital rooms targetted at the elite.


While the room structure has met with mixed reviews because Pakistan lacks necessary healthcare for the poor, the hospital staff thinks differently.

Speaking to media, Dr. Shahida A Khawaja, Chief Executive at the National Hospital believes that the new floor and high class rooms are a great prospect to promote high end and luxurious healthcare. She believes that such moves will attract people from across the world to come and use this luxurious facility.


Dr. Shahida also believes that the inception of these high class suites like hospital rooms will prevent people from travelling abroad for high end treatments.

There are currently only 10 rooms inside the hospital that offer luxurious treatment.

As far as the prices are concerned, the doctors, nurses and other hospital staff will not be given extra for treating patients. Only room charges will be different.


A host of facilities will be offered to patients

National Hospital aims to provide luxurious facilities to its patients not just through the high end rooms. Everything from food, room services, and other luxuries will be available to the patients.

A high end menu will also be available

Patients however will be taken to a separate room where all their tests will be conducted.

The new hotel rooms were designed by interior designer Naila Ishtaque who gave the rooms a very homely touch while maintaining the standards of the rooms with those which are offered abroad.

Here is a tour of the rooms in pictures.

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