This Injured Bird Receiving Handmade Snowshoes Will Melt Your Heart

A little northern Mockingbird was rescued by the California Wildlife Center (CWC). The little bird had a feet condition that made it really hard for her to walk around. She was also unable to grasp or perch objects (a lot of birds use feet to carry food and other necessities).

The little mockingbird was suffering from a common condition that caused her feet to knuckle.

The rescuers of the bird couldn’t come to ignore the condition and came up with a way to help the bird in some way.


They Designed And HandMade Snowshoes For Her

The CWC peeps made a pair of shoes out of cardboard that fit the bird’s feet perfectly. These little snow shoes will help the bird recover from her condition by making her feet come back into the proper position so they can be healed.

Before the shoes were put on, the bird had to struggle and stand on the top of her toes at all times which is extremely painful. This could have caused additional injury to her.


According to CWC representative, it will take a week or two for her to fully recover from the condition. After that the feet will come back to their normal position and she should be able to live her live normally.