BBQ Like A Pro On This Eid Ul Adha With Our Essentials BBQ Guide

From the team of, we wish you a very heartiest Eid! Hope you have a great time with your friends and family. Among lots of food and gathering and fun, don’t forget the real spirit of Eid. Providing for the poor.

That said, since this eid is all about meeting your friends and family and eating lots of meat, you are probably also planning a BBQ. But the problem is, not everyone’s an expert when it comes to BBQ. The food is usually uncooked or overcooked which leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

To help you get the best out of your BBQ and avoid disappointment, we have compiled a little guide to help you BBQ like a pro. Follow this guide and you are sure to impress your guests this eid with your epic BBQ Skills.

Marinated To Perfection


BBQ is a two step process. It all begins with marinating the meat and then the cooking comes. If the meat isn’t marinated properly, it won’t tenderize or produce the taste you love in restaurants. Here’s how you can make sure your meat is perfectly tenderized for grilling.

  1. Marinate overnight. At least 1 day before the BBQ is scheduled. If the recipe you are cooking says otherwise, leaving the marination on for 24 hours will produce amazing taste and texture of the meat. The meat will also be properly tenderized by the time you start cooking.
  2. Don’t ever use extra virgin olive oil for brushing meat. Olive oil burns and smokes as soon as it comes in contact with BBQ. If you really want to use Olive oil, use the light olive oil version or go for vegetable oil instead.
  3. After marinating the meat, store it in a tight plastic back to make sure the marination doesn’t leak from the meat. You can also put the meat in a stainless steel container to stop it from leaking. Plastic is a no go.
  4. Before you place the meat on the BBQ grill, make sure you shake of any excess marinade on the meat. If there is too much oil present on the meat, you will need to hang the meat on dry grill for a few minutes so the oil drops down. More oil means the meat can easily burn with a smokey flavor.

The BBQ Grilling Process


The second part of any BBQ is the grilling part. This is where most people fail and end up with really bad undercooked or overcooked meat. Here’s how you can prevent this from happening.

  1. The grill should be flamed up and ready before the guests even start arriving. This will save you the time and errors that waste time when the guests are there waiting for the food. Plus setting up the grill before the guests arrive will produce a nice atmosphere with the smell of burning coals. Your guests will know they’re going to enjoy tonight.
  2. As mentioned above, make sure the meat is marinated 1 day before the BBQ is scheduled. Before the guests arrive, take the meat out from the fridge to make sure it is not in a chilled state. Set it up on your skewers and put it on the dry side of the Grill to help the oil drain out.
  3. Install a portable fan beside the grill on low power. This will ensure the coals are properly burning all the time. Make sure the setting of the fan is low because you don’t want to send the burning coal flying off.
  4. Be organized. Prepare everything before hand. Bring in the plates, glasses and other necessities to your rooftop or garden to save time and confusion for later.
  5. Never leave your grill unintended. This is only for safety purposes and making sure that your meat doesn’t burn off.
  6. To make sure your food is properly cooked, keep shuffling the skewers from high heat to low heat on your BBQ grill. If you find a certain skewer is receiving more heat than intended, change the position and bring it to the cooler area of the grill. Keep doing this until the meat is properly cooked.
  7. Use a small knife to test the meat. Cut into the center of the meat and check if the flesh inside is cooked and the juice is properly running.
  8. Let the meat rest after you have cooked it. This is the most important part where a lot of people fail. Do not start eating the meat immediately after taking it off from the grill because the juices need to settle down from the heat before the real taste can start coming in. Let it rest for a few minutes so the meat can absorb the juices.
  9. Avoid putting meat in a HotPot. The Hotpot that is tightly sealed can cause the meat to gain moisture and the firmness is lost during this process.

We hope this guide will help you make the best BBQ this Eid. We wish you all the best and a very happy Eid again!