An ATM On Top Of The World? Yes Please!

Pakistan is about to set another world record. According to National Bank of Pakistan, they are all set to inaugurate something they call the ‘World’s Highest ATM’ at the end of this week.

The ATM will be setup at the Pakistan-China border in Khunjerab. The ATM will go live during this week.

4,693 Meters High

Official notes on the National Bank’s ATM suggests that the ATM is being planted 4,693 meters or 15,397 feet above sea level. This makes it the highest ATM ever planted anywhere in the world.

NBP hopes to help the growing number of tourists in the area with undisturbed supply of cash.


Keep in mind that Pakistan saw a record setting number of visitors to its northern areas. Which means basic facilities in the northern areas have now become a necessity if Pakistan wants to keep seeing improvement in tourism.

But ATMs in Pakistan don’t really have a good reputation even in the busiest cities. Customer’s complain ATMs are always out of service or don’t issue them cash. Hence ATMs have become quite unreliable. Will NBP be able to manage the ATM where it is hard to get basic necessities?


According to NBP, the bank will have dedicated staff to make sure the cash and connection of the ATM is always up.