Alamgir Khan Is Going To Install Several Trash Bins In Karachi Through His Fixit Campaign

Alamgir Khan is best known for his campaign #Fixit. He has launched tons of projects that have enabled Karachi to enjoy a more cleaner and friendlier atmosphere.

Now in his latest attempt to promote cleanliness, Alamgir Khan will be installing several trash bins around the city.

To commemorate this new initiative, Khan launched a new video describing the campaign:

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The idea behind the project is to encourage people to throw garbage in trash bins instead of throwing stuff on the ground. He is installing trash bins where mounds of trash can be found and has been there for years. He believes that putting trash bins in areas where there has always been trash will make people realize and throw trash where it is supposed to be thrown.

50 trash bins will be installed initially

In the first phase, Khan will install as many as 50 medium sized trash bins in many districts of the city. The campaign will be launching from next week. The first site they have decided to install trash bins is at the Korangi Expressway where mounds of trash are easily seen from day to day.


Khan will also bring the #fixit tractor to clean the area where the trash bins are being installed.