Watch: This Traditional Cover Of Game Of Thrones By Pakistani Band Khumariyaan Is Taking The Internet By Storm

Game of Thrones is nothing new. The television series by HBO is one of the finest of our times with millions and millions of followers around the world. Pakistan also closely follows the series as they unfold the tale of Westeros, the Black Castle and Castle Watch.

Given the popularity of the show, people from around the world pay tribute to the show in their own. One band from Peshawar, Pakistan, also decided to pay a tribute in their own way.

The cover of Game of Thrones title theme was redone using classical/folk and rock instruments. The results are pretty awesome. Have a hear yourself!

The real deal starts at 1:18

More About Khumariyaan

Khumariyaan is a Folk Rock fusion band hailing from Peshawar. The team members consists of Farhan Bogra on Rubab, Shiraz Khan on percussions, Sparlay Rawail on Lead Guitars and Aamer Shafiq on Rhythms.

A band of musicians whose tunes are based on their native music, with a tinge of other native music of the world as well, our audience is the educated youth of Pakistan, and our mission is to enlighten the youth with all encompassing aesthetics and performing arts. Our focus is to elevate music to medium of peace of being, and musically, break the tradition of the South Asian vocal based musical culture, thus we are an instrumental band. – Khumariyaan.

Thier other works include

and much, much more.

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You can also play the Game of Thrones Cover by Khumariyaan on Patari or download through Taazi