Watch: Fight Between Ali Azmat And Umair Jaswal Was Fake

For the past two weeks, Ali Azmat and Umair Jaswal have been exchanging words, often times insulting each other in a series of videos posted on their Facebook profiles. Both the stars took jabs unto each other through video responses which gained a lot of attention from the fans of either stars. Turns out, it was nothing but a fake, made up clash between the two to promote an upcoming Soundclash concert.

Team Ali Azmat Vs. Team Umair Jaswal In Sound Clash 2016

Today, both Ali and Umair shared a promotional video on their timelines which can be seen below:

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Red Bull Sound Clash will take place on August 27th at the Expo Center In Karachi

Are you ready to witness a once-in-a-lifetime clash of generations between Ali Azmat and Umair Jaswal?

Placed between two stages, you the audience, will decide who is the ‘ULTIMATE NAME’ that dominates Pakistani music!

So buckle up, because it’s gonna get LOUD!


Call It Clever Or Not, The People Aren’t Happy

The videos that went live today met with mostly negative response from the fans of both stars. You can see below how people are unhappy about the publicity stunt of both of these guys.

ali azmat fake publicity stunt umair jaswal publicity stunt

How Everything Got Started

It all started with a leaked video appearing on Tribune where Ali Azmat talked about the young music industry of Pakistan. He specifically targeted Umair Jaswal in the end of the video.

After which a series of responses between the two started over their social media pages. They each released a video taking turns at each other. See the response of Umair Jaswal And Ali Azmat.