Watch: Ali Azmat Takes On Umair Jaswal In Round 2

UPDATE: This was all fake after all, read more.

The video vs video word exchange sort of fights between Umair Jaswal and Ali Azmat doesn’t look like it is going to end soon.

In a video response to Umair Jaswal’s Facebook video posted against Ali Azmat, the star had more to say.

In his latest video titled ‘Papu Yar Tang Na Ker’ Ali Azmat had the following to say to Umair Jaswal:

Agar aap teen ganay bana ker apnay aapko star samjhtay hain, tau we can fix that also

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Umair Jaswal Responds To Ali Azmat’s Newest Video Through Another Video

Umair Jaswal immediately posted a new video titled ‘Bring it on Butt Sahab’ on his Facebook page following the message from Ali Azmat:

Agar aap chatai hain aap mujhay aur meray music ko fix kerain tau mein sirf apse yehi kahunga ke, butt sahab bring it on

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Everything Started Because Of A Leaked Video

If you somehow missed the action that started it all, head over and watch what Ali Azmat had to say to start the online bout. And then see the response of Umair Jaswal in his Facebook Video.

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