Wanna Save Rs.5000 – Rs.8000 On Electricity Bills? IESCO New Initiative Can Help You Do That

The Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) has just launched two brand new initiatives related to electricity that may put a smile on your face.

The first initiative is a project that will help in generation of electricity through solar panels. The RS 3,00,000 project will ensure 3 kilowatt of electricity is produced on a daily basis. This electricity will be added to the national grid to increase the capacity of electricity.

The second and perhaps the more interesting initiative is that IESCO now allows you to produce electricity at home and utilize at least 2 benefits from it:

  1. Produce your own electricity at home using solar energy and connect it to your meter and through the IESCO’s net metering system, use the electricity for your own needs.
  2. If you happen to install a lot of solar panels and start making more energy than you require, you can call up IESCO and sign a deal to sell that excessive power to them and that amount will be deducted from your monthly bill.

IESCO net metering and solar energy initiative

There’s already someone who is selling electricity to IESCO

Air Commodore Muhammad Rashid Ramay, a resident of Rawalpindi is the first person to take advantage of the net metering project. He now not only produces his own energy at home, but also sells excessive energy to IESCO saving him at least RS.5000 per month on electricity bills.

Rashid sahab is also the one responsible for bringing this initiative to Islamabad/Rawalpindi. He worked hard to gain permission from IESCO to generate electricity using solar panels. Following his success, the electricity company decided to turn this initiative towards the public.

IESCO net metering and solar energy initiative

You have the choice of keeping your IESCO connection for extra concessions on bill

Producing enough energy to power a house means that you may not need a connection from IESCO anymore. In order to attract consumers to stick with the traditional electricity connection, the electricity company is offering concessions on bills every month.

Will This Move Help Save Pakistan From Load Shedding?

Probably yes! If a lot of people start producing electricity at home and they even agree to sell it to IESCO and the government, this means that more electricity will be available for Pakistanis through the national grid.

But getting a solar system and producing power on a scale that makes it excessive for you to use at home means a lot of investment from your side.