This Awesome Solar Umbrella Has A Built In Fan, Flashlight, Charging Docks & GPS

Around 3 million muslims from across the world attend Hajj in the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia yearly. As they pay their tribute, a lot of people have to walk, take bus or other means of travel under the blazing heat of the sun.

Because of this, the Saudi Arabia ministry of health has advised people to carry an umbrella to protect themselves from the scorching heat. As a result, thousands of people are seen carrying umbrellas with them during Hajj.

A Saudi-Palestinian based company took this opportunity to create an umbrella that is much more than rain and sunlight protector.

¬†Introducing ‘Kafya’ The ‘Smart’ Umbrella

Kafya is a solar powered umbrella created by Knowledge-Base. The umbrella collects the powerful heat rays of the sun and converts it to useable energy. The electricity generated through the solar panels attached on the top of the umbrella is stored inside the handle. From there, the power is used to function an in built fan on the top of the inside of the umbrella and power the GPS system as well as charging docks installed right above the handle.

And if that isn’t enough, the umbrella also functions as a torchlight with a flash light installed at the bottom of the handle.


Kafya The Smart Umbrella Will Become Extremely Common In The Next 10 Years

With Hajj quickly moving from September to August, heat rays will be even stronger during the harsh summers. During the next 10 years, Hajj season will enter June/July which is the peak of summers.

During June, Saudi Arabia records temperatures in hundreds and there have also been reports of thousands of cases of heat strokes and exhaustion reported in the months. For example, in 2015, around 700 cases of strokes were reported and more than 1700 cases of other heat related issues came into being.


Availability of Kafya

Kafya is still under the prototype stage. Business owner and creator Manal Dandis is working with Saudi Arabian scientist Kamel Badaw. Both of them are currently creating prototypes of the umbrella. From there on they will get the idea patented and then find investors for mass production and marketing. Currently no set release data has been announced.