Self Taught Pakistani Artist Is Creating Waves In Europe With His Skills

This year at the sixth annual street art festival, one of the largest art festivals of Europe is being held in Germany. What makes it so interesting for us is that out of 45 participants from around the world, a Pakistani is also competing.

Meet Obaid Ur Rahman –  A Chalk Artist From Pakistan


Obaid Ur Rahman a talented self taught artist from Pakistan is sweeping the streets of Germany with is exceptional anamorphic chalk skills. The 24 year old is one of the 45 participants taking part in the festival. Most of the participants are from around the world including from France, Turkey, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Japan and Nepal.


This is the biggest art festival of Europe and is the first international competition Rahman is competing him.

How Did He Get Here?


Rahman recalls that he started chalk art around two years ago and quickly became a part of the international chalk art community. He stopped attending his art school in 2004 and started drawing with chalks instead. He would draw murals with coal on the roof of the building where he used to live.

But instead of sticking to the same art style, Rahman went on and tried different experiments to hone his skills. He was soon given an opportunity to draw a creative piece of art on the floors of Dolmen Mall, Karachi. He took on the opportunity and created a 3D/anamorphic art which was well received from the public.

From there on he continued developing his skills and then went on the international platform. And now he is competing in one of the biggest art festivals of the world.


Portraying The  Positive Image Of Pakistan Through Art


Since this is the first time any Pakistani has made it to the art festival, Rahman is dedicating his work into portraying the positive image of Pakistan. He is an extremely proud Pakistani and took this opportunity to show the colors and culture of Pakistan to the world who often misjudge the country.

Obaid Has Also Drawn Several 3D Art On His Rooftop

This is where all began, in pictures:

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You can follow his Facebook profile or instagram account. He also has a Facebook page.