Self Developed Video Game By 17 Year Old Pakistani Will Leave You Amazed

There is no doubt Pakistan is overflowing with talent from nearly all kinds of interests. Shahmeer Chaudhry is a 17 year old kid who happens to be a game developer from Pakistan.

Shahmeer has been creating games for over 3 years now. Before he started developing for PC, he was already developing games for Google’s Android platform. He has around 12 games under his belt with over a million downloads on Google Play.

Shahmeer’s first game was ‘The Lost Town‘. It was an exploration game which featured a mysterious forest for the user to explore.

His Android titles include:

You can find more at the official Google Play Store of INeedPlay

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If developing on Android wasn’t enough, Shahmeer decided to experiment and grow as an independant video games developer. For independent game developers, Valve’s Steam platform is the best place where they can show case their work.


Fortunately for Shahmeer, Steam accepted his concept for the game as an early access video game. His game Apartment 666 is now available on Steam to download for only $2.99.

In Apartment 666, you play as a 12 year old kid who is left alone by his father and uncle in a brand new apartment. One day you wake up and your home is empty. As you try to find out what happened to your family, you are found by the unexpected. After this you try to exit your apartment but every time you reach for the exit, you find yourself in your room at the begining with the apartment now having new rooms and the furniture changed. You ultimately realize that you are not alone in the apartment.

Watch the trailer below