Relax Pokemon GO Fans, The Game Is Not Banned In Pakistan

Today, fans of Pokemon Go in Pakistan went confused and enraged when they came across a story published by Pakistan Today.

Fortunately for you guys, there is no such thing as the game being banned in Pakistan because it isn’t even officially available in the country yet.

So why in the world did Pakistan Today post a story about Pakistan banning the game in the first place?

Because they sourced their story from a satirical site.

The News First Appeared On The Guard1an Website

Unfortunately for Pakistan Today, the source they came upon was not the official Guardian website. It is indeed a satirical website that has a very similar name that can easily confuse anyone.

Stories like below regularly appear on the website. Even it’s readers are aware that the stories are hoaxed.

BREAKING: Caster Semenya Awarded Double Gold For Winning Women’s 800m

BREAKING: Olympics Stadium Under Fire, Thousands Reported Dead | #RIO2016

You can read the official/fake story here

Here’s how people reacted to the story:

pakistan today banned pokemon story 2

Pakistan Today Deletes The Pokemon Go Story


If you try to read the official story released by Pakistan Today, it no longer exists on the website. But we were able to get the cached version of the story! Read below:

The Pakistani government has placed a ban on the play of Pokémon Go in the country.

According to President Mamnoon Hussain, apart from fraudsters who have hacked the game app to defraud innocent victims millions of dollars, the game poses a threat to the nation…..

pakistan today banned pokemon story