Meet The 54 Year Old Pakistani Motorcyclist On A Country Wide Peace Trip

Meet Shahid Jamil Rana, a 54 year old motorcyclist from Pakistan who is on a mission to spread peace across the country on his motorbike.

You probably think age is a factor and it slows down people. But for Rana sahab, age isn’t something that is holding him back from his ultimate mission; to spread peace around the country.

Jamil Rana is a lahori set on a peace journey that he estimates will last around 2 and a half months before he gets back home.

Before he set out to journey Pakistan on his motorbike, a lot of people he knew kept telling him to avoid certain areas because of his age and that the areas he planned to visit were not tourist friendly. But he didn’t stop there.

According to Rana, for example, he was told that the area of Chilas was not friendly enough to be riding on a bike. But by actually visiting it, he proved the people wrong.

Rana declared that the people of Chilas are very hospitable, the kind he rarely sees around in Pakistan.

The Journey Started 2 Weeks Ago

Rana sahab started his epic journey around two weeks ago. He is now in Gilgit Baltistan. He reached there via Mansehra through Babusar Pass on his motorbike. Speaking of his motorbike, it can be seen adorned with slogans like ‘Ride for Peace’. Whenever he is approached by people for his unique getup, he stops and tells them the reason for his journey, which is quite inspirational.

From Lahore To Chitral

Rana sahab started his journey in July from his home city Lahore. From there he planned on reaching Peshawar through Chitral. His final destinations are Quetta and Karachi before he returns home.

Rana sahab has worked as a tourist guide in the past so he knows his way around. He also says that whenever he stops to take a break, people gather around him asking what he is upto. He has never felt crowded.

The journey of Jamil Rana is self financed. His only motive is to spread peace around the country and he is prepared to give his life in this matter.