Junaid Jamshed Launches Jazaa, A Rice Brand

After a successful venture in the clothes department, our own Junaid Jamshed has launched a new brand of rice, ‘Jazaa’. Even though Pakistan grows a lot of rice, most of the times rice is purchased in open, unbranded format. There are only a few branded rice packs available in the country with companies like Engro, Guard and Matco leading the way. Because of the popularity of unbranded rice in Pakistan, most companies have to look for exporting opportunities. Junaid Jamshed’s Jazaa might be opting for the same.

CEO of Jazaa Talks About The Brand

Ali Jabbar, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Jazaa brand, had the following to say about the rice industry:

as a staple crop, rice has traditionally been dominated by wholesale suppliers, where the business model relies on low-cost milling and production – and the hope of a steady monsoon season.

Director Junaid Jamshed also had a few words to say about his newly launched brand

there was no brand catering to the growing domestic demand for quality, branded rice and we wanted to take advantage of this gap.

Despite the stringent quality control standards the product was subjected to, I wanted to ensure that Jazaa rice remains affordable for every Pakistani household.

Given the nature of the production and supply and demand, there was only one challenge the company has to face. According to his own words, Junaid Jamshed explained:

the real challenge was to select rice variants of the highest quality, add value through standardised milling, and bring Jazaa rice to market as an affordable product of the highest quality.

Junaid Jamshed Hopes To Replicate The Success Of Tilda Rice, An Indian Brand In Pakistan

The inspiration for the name and quality of Jazaa rice comes from the popular Indian rice brand known as Tilda. The brand has a major presence in the national and international market. It is known throughout the country to deliver one of the best tasting rice. Junaid Jamshed hopes to do the same:

I wanted to replicate Tilda’s success in Pakistan, which is why despite the stringent quality control standards the product was subjected to, I wanted to ensure that Jazaa rice would remain affordable for every Pakistani household.

Jazaa Rice Are Available In Five Variants


Jazaa Rice has been launched in Pakistan and is mostly available in Supermarkets (currently only in Karachi). Here are the package details of each variant:

  • Jazaa Elite Steam Rice – Rs 199/kg and Rs 985/5KG
  • Jazaa Premium Basmati – Rs 170/KG and Rs 840/5KG
  • Sela Gold Rice – Rs 160/KG and Rs 790/5KG
  • Basmati Rice – RS 140/KG and Rs 690/5KG
  • Economy Rice – RS 110/KG and RS 540/5KG.

In contrast, unbranded rice in the market goes anywhere from Rs 90 to 100.

Junaid is keen that his rice brand is extremely affordable. He has also promised that the quality of the rice will not be affected due to low price.

From the onset, I believed that to grab market share, Jazaa rice would have to deliver quality and taste in every pack