Careful Ladies, Khaadi Might Be Cheating You Over Fake Sale

Brand sales are becoming quite popular in Pakistan. As the competition grows, more and more brands are throwing frequent sales to attract a large amount of people and drive massive sales.

Last year, the sales attracted a lot of attention and we saw a lot of problematic events like women fighting with each other over limited dresses and breaking doors and glasses to reach and grab their dresses before anyone else does.

Khaadi Comes Back With The Biggest End Of Season Sale In The Country

Keeping the tradition alive, Khaadi has just launched the biggest end season sale of the country with dresses going down up to 50% on their original price. But things went pretty crazy over social media when someone found out that Khaadi was merely raising the prices of its dresses and then putting it on sale.

A RS 5000 Dress Was Increased To 7500 Before It Was Put On Sale In An Attempt To Deceive Customers


Soon after the sale went live, Yasir Tanvir, a local citizen of Lahore posted an image that is an eye opener for everyone. He tore down the ‘sale’ price tag only to find out that the original price was different from the price that was labeled on the sale sticker.

So if the Kurta Dupatta was Rs 5000, the 50% of price would be RS 2500. But after increasing the price of the dress to 7500, the discounted price would be 3750.

Khaadi Clarifies The Issue

According to an interview to Tribune , the marketing manager of Khaadi, Mr. Tahir, had the following to say:

The price of the kurta was Rs 5000, whereas the price of the kurta and duppatta was Rs 7500.Khaadi has received above 300,000 customers over the weekend and sold up to 200,000 items. It was a cumbersome job for a staff of about 12-15 salespersons to handle thousands of customers at a time.

Due to heavy traffic, the staff couldn’t get time to remove the wrong tags and pasted the original price tags over them.

We didn’t have any ill intention behind it.It was a human error and quite unfortunate one because Khaadi has never tried to mislead its customers and we are grateful to them for making our sales the biggest one.

One of the reasons we place a tag over a tag is because of the changed the barcode.

We have stores in six different countries so sometimes if an item designed for UAE comes to a local store, we have to paste a new tag to state the price in rupees.

He also publicly apologized on Facebook, see the image below.