Aman Foundation Launches Pakistan’s First Free Telephone Medical Consultation Service

In Pakistan, it typically takes around 15 minutes on average for emergency health services to be available. Every year, thousands of people die because of emergencies and that there are no health facilities nearby where people can take someone having an emergency for a quick look out.

People have to resort on private transportation to take their loved ones to a nearby hospital for emergency consultation and help.

While there are a lot of health articles available on the internet that help people deal with various emergencies like heart attacks, seizures and other health issues, not all of them provide detailed information on how to deal with an emergency.

Keeping this in mind, Aman Foundation has just launched a new health call service known as Aman Telehealth.

What is Aman Telehealth?


Aman Telehealth is a free consultation service over phone. All you need to do is dial 9123 and you will be hooked up with a doctor to discuss any health issue you are facing.

According to Aman Foundation, qualified doctors are available 24/7 to help you deal with various health issues and emergencies. On top of that, the service is absolutely free of cost and is available everywhere in Pakistan.

This initiative by Aman Foundation is capable of saving thousands of lives. When someone faces an emergency, there are always some ways you can prevent the emergency from resulting in death. Calling a doctor on time and explaining the situation will immediately help you learn what to do during an emergency so you can keep your loved one breathing while you get them to a nearby hospital for emergency procedures.

More About Aman Foundation


Aman Foundation is a local not-for-profit trust that is operating in Pakistan. It was built on the belief that Pakistanis must take on the lead to solve the various problems its people face. Their focus is on health and education through direct intervention.

Aman Foundation provides:

Healthcare – Development and implementation of healthcare systems ranging from Emergency Medical Response, Community Health Workers to TeleHealth initiatives.

Nutrition – Provision of nutritious and hygienic meals to school children to reduce hunger and malnutrition; increasing enrollment and attendance simultaneously.

Education and Skills – A Vocational Training Institute designed to transform unemployed and untrained youth into productive members of society

In addition to its social development initiatives, Aman Foundation engages in venture philanthropy by providing strategic grants to high-social-impact organizations that work in the Foundation’s core areas of focus.

From the official website of Aman Foundation.