Yabba-Dabba Reboot! Here Is The New Look For Flintstones!

DC Comics is all set to reboot the Flintstones. Ah, the childhood memories! If you are someone who was born in the 80s, you will instantly get overloaded with notalgia right now. The Flintstones and the Jetsons were one of our favorite childhood cartoon shows.

Now the Flintstones are coming back as DC is about to reboot the entire series in a comic book. DC is all set to debut ‘The Flintstones No.1’ comic book issue that will adapt a brand new look and setting for the series.

The very first page of the comic book shows the town of bedrock, home city to the flintstones and the major setting area for the comic book series. The very first few pages show Fred Flintstone feeling like a man of the time and helping in training the cavemen for work.

The New Flintstones aim to portray the classic Hanna Barbera TV show in relation to the modern issues that are highlighted today. Below are just some of the images that have been released from the first issue with the new look for the series.