Watch: Ladies And Gentlemen!… Qandeel Baloch’s Desi Thumkays Await You In This New Music Video

Please be advised. The following content is subject to inducing severe seizures, diarrhea and other conditions. Only watch this video if you have an iron immune system that can protect you from this.

Qandeel Baloch is known for doing the impossible to get more followers and attention. Her recent selfies with Mufti Qavi are proof enough.

Now the online self proclaimed Diva, who was about to leave the country due to death threats, decided to do one more thing for her loyal fans and haters alike.

She has now appeared in a music video of a song titled BAN by Aryan Khan. The getup and moves of Qandeel Baloch will either leave you quite entertained and satisfied, or will induce the conditions we listed above. Good luck!

But before you head over to the video below, here are some teaser images to help you get to know what you are about to get into

A bigg Eid gift coming soon ? #qandeelbaloch #aryankhan #beyondstudio #releasingworldwide

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Releasing tomorrow.. ? #qandeelbaloch #aryankhan

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Baby plz do it again n again.. ? #Ban #qandeelbaloch #aryankhan #released #pakistani #youtube

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