Watch: Every Single Marvel, DC And Other Cool Trailers Shown At Comic Con

In case you missed it, Comic-Con took place over the weekend and a lot happened. There was DC, Marvel and other studios who not only talked about their upcoming projects, but also released a host of teaser trailers to satisfy your curiosity cravings.

We present you the ultimate thread where you will find every single important trailer shown over the weekend. Let’s start with DC Comics who blew away the audience with trailers of their most anticipated cinema projects hitting the cinemas in 2016 and 2017.

Wonder Woman – June 2, 2017

Debuted in  Batman Vs. Superman, Gal Gadot who plays Wonder Woman is back in her solo movie. The trailer shows the powers of the amazonian superhero battling it out with soldiers trying to stop a world war.

Bonus: Wonder Woman theme. Yeah we know you really like that music in the end. Here’s the full piece by Hans Zimmer:


Justice League – November 17, 2017

Justice League is definitely looking pretty good. If you were disappointed with the dark and grim tone of Batman Vs. Superman, you will find that Justice League is taking a completely different approach with a much lighter tone. Ben Affleck as Batman can be seen assembling a team of special human beings which will later on become the Justice League.

Oh and If you liked that music in the background, it’s Icky Thump by Whites Stripes, one of our favorite bands. Here’s the entire song if you liked what you heard.

Marvel Studios

Marvel really didn’t show any trailers of their upcoming projects from 2017. But they did release a new trailer for Doctor Strange which is just around the corner. Also they talked about Thor: Ragnarok in a press panel.

Doctor Strange – November 4, 2016

Just a couple of months ago Marvel released a teaser trailer of their high anticipated Doctor Strange movie. It features Benedict Cumberbatch, best known for his work in BBC’s Sherlock drama series. The trailer gives us a better insight on the kind of threats Doctor Strange will be dealing with. It also features a look at the Kaecilius, the villain of the movie.

Thor: Ragnarok – July 28, 2017

Even though Marvel didn’t show a trailer of the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok movie which features the Incredible Hulk, they did show something that might catch your interest and show you what’s about to come.

Introducing ‘The Incredible Hulk: Gladiator Armor


Yep, that’s right. The mean green Hulk will be wearing this cool armor in the movie to fight alongside the Demi-God Thor.

Legion –  X-Men Spin-off TV Series

Legion follows the story of David Haller, a young man who is troubled by visions and voices. He is diagnosed with Schizophrenia but when he meets with a  fellow patient at a hospital, he starts to realize that the things he is seeing and hearing could actually be real.


This pretty much wraps up what the two biggest comic publishers had to show for their upcoming projects. But that’s not all. Several other notable and important teaser trailers were released which can be seen below:

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (Harry Potter Spin-Off) – November 19, 2016.

Fancy a bit of more Harry Potter? We know you do. This movie will take you back into the same universe of Wizards and Witches we grew to love so much. Unfortunately it doesn’t feature any of the iconic characters from the original Harry Potter books, but it does has everything else that makes it a worthwhile movie for the fans of the Harry Potter Universe. It even has the tunes resembling the original Harry Potter movies!

Kong: Skull Island – March 10, 2017

The mighty King Kong is back in his new movie! This time he is angry and on a killing spree. Watch Tom Hiddleston (Loki from Thor) going on an expedition to Skull Island where they meet with the Prime King Kong who isn’t exactly happy about them coming.