The Greater Iqbal Park Lahore Project To Be Opened On August 14

The opening of Greater Iqbal Park is set to happen on the August 14, the Independance day of Pakistan. This will remark the completion of the first phase in the effort to extend the park. The second phase will immediately begin afterwards which includes the construction of a history museum which is expected to be completed by October.


LDA Boosts Construction With Only 33 Days Left To Launch


Abdullah Khan Sumbal, the Lahore Division Commissioner recently visited the under construction Greater Iqbal Park to oversee the progress of the project. Speaking to the media, he assured that the construction will be completed by August 14 and the park will be open for the public. To achieve the goal in such a short time – only 33 days left – he has asked the contractor to significantly increase the labour force to make sure its completed on time.

A New Drainage System Is Also Being Installed In The Park


Iqbal Park has always been suffering from rains such as the heavy downpours that happen in monsoon. To ensure that the park doesn’t get overwhelmed with water, a new and improved drainage system is also being installed around the park. He said that Greater Iqbal Park is a project that shows the national significance of Pakistan and every effort is being taken in consideration to make sure it is perfect and that it adds to the beauty of the city significantly.

Many Facilities Will Be Added For Extra Entertainment


The project will assure the renovation of Minar-i-Pakistan Complex and the extension of Iqbal park by adding in more space which will form a circular garden around the road between the Lahore Fort and the Park.

To cater to various audience, the park will also have features like elaborate walkways, thematic food courts and art gardens. The food court being designed in the park is based on the heritage and culture of all the four provinces of Pakistan including Gilgit Baltistan. Fountains and lighting will also be added.

Security Concerns Will Also Be Addressed

The recent tragic events at Gulshan-E-Iqbal park cannot be repeated in the future. To ensure proper security, the authorities are also installing foolproof security arrangements. A state of the art surveillance system is a part of the project which will ensure security is top notch.