People Around The World Are Going Crazy Over Pakistan Cricket Team’s Push-Up Celebrations

Pakistan toppled the English team on Sunday in an historic win by 75 runs in the first test match in the iconic Lord’s stadium. Even though Pakistan winning is an excitement in its own form, what really excited the world was how they celebrated their victory.

Thanks To Pakistan, Push-Ups Are Trending All Over The World

Upon winning the match, Younis Khan organized the players (read troops) in a line just outside the outfield in the front of the pavilion and started the drill. The Pakistani players did 5 push-ups in celebration and then saluted. This was a tribute to the Pakistani army jawaans who helped in training the cricket players before the series began.

This celebration caused some of the big name celebrities to comment. Pierce Morgan is just to name the few:

Misbah, The Man Who Started The Trend

Earlier in the test, Misbah celebrated in similar fashion when he scored a hundred against England. He did 10 push-ups and paid respect to the army. The 42 year old cricketer revealed that he promised the army guys back in Pakistan that if he scored a hundred in the first test match, he would do 10 push-ups for them.

Commentator David Lloyd Joined In Soon After

And Soon After These Golf Marshals Joined In

Where It All Began

If you remember, Pakistani team went through a pre-tour boot camp at an army base camp to train. They also took part in a tug of war match against the army jawaans. Looks like it was there where Misbah struck a deal with the army guys to do pushups if he did a century.

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More Unusual And Fun Celebrations In Cricket History

Pakistan isn’t the first cricket team to celebrate in an unusual and humorous manner. There have been plenty of players and teams in cricket history who celebrated uniquely. But Pakistan’s push-up celebrations have put them on top of the charts. Here are a few other unique celebrations to watch: