Pakistan’s First Superhero Movie Announced – Will Feature Sheheryar, Saira, Talat Hussain and Hamayun Saeed

With Hollywood taking the world by storm with their constant supply of Superhero movies, there is no denying that our time has become the time of superheroes.

Marvel and DC has both been doing a great job in bringing their iconic superhero and supervillain characters to the silver screen. Following them is Bollywood who is also coming up with new super hero titles like ‘A Flying Jutt’ and ‘Chakra The Invincible‘.

Revival of Pakistani Cinema And Rise Of Superheroes

We’r really happy to see how the revival of Pakistani cinema is bringing more and more local people together. If we look at 2014-1016, Pakistani cinema has officially risen back from its grave and is now providing a host of different cinematic projects to the audience.

Movies like Moor, Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, Wrong Number, Mah e Mir, Waar, Shah, Na Maloom Afraad, Karachi Se Lahore all cater to a different audience.

Now the audience of Pakistan is about to witness a brand new and first of its kind project, a Superhero film.

project ghazi

Project Ghazi, The First Pakistani Superhero Movie

In 2017, Pakistani cinema will see rise of Superheroes for the first time. Director Nadir is bringing a new cinema project which he calls ‘Project Ghazi’ to the silver screen which will feature a super human soldier. The story will revolve around an advanced soldier project and will span through 20 years in the timeline.

Project Ghazi isn’t just going to be an action movie, Nadir has confirmed that elements of spy and espionage genres will also be mixed in the plate.

Project Ghazi is 40% Complete, Ready For Release in 2017.

So far things are looking good for the movie. According to the team, about 40% work on the movie has already been completed. It will be released sometime in 2017.

Humayun Saeed and Sheheryar Are Both Playing Superheroes


For the first time ever, people will be seeing Hamayun Saeed as a super hero alongside Sheheryar. The team recently gave an interview to Tribune Life & Style where they had the following to say about the roles of the two stars

Humayun and Sheheryar’s characters are equally balanced and compliment each other and they’re both playing superheroes

Sheheryar Went Through Proper Training To Complement the role


During the interview with the team, they admitted that shehryar has done a great job in working out to look like a super soldier in the movie. Hopefully people will love the way he looks and his new body will definitely suit the role.

Making Superhero Films Are Not Easy

You may think superhero movies are all about huge fights, explosions and special effects. But in truth, the team behind Project Ghazi has revealed that their biggest challenge is getting the costume right every time they set out there to shoot.

They are very proud of the costume team they have hired to get the job done and believe that people will be happy with the end results. It is not going to be a colorful superhero movie like the latest Bollywood ‘A Flying Jutt’. Infact the team is trying to get a dark tone mostly seen in Wolverine or Batman movies.

Nadir has huge expectations from the film because he feels sad that wherever he goes, there is only Hollywood related superhero merchandise. He want’s to change that.

Below are just some of the behind the scenes from the movie.