Noor’s Directorial Debut ‘Ishq Positive’ Was A Box Office Failure – What She Had To Say Might Surprise You Though

Noor Bukhari was certainly looking forward to the success of her directorial debut movie ‘Ishq Positive’. But as it turned out, the movie did not do wonders in the box office after its release in cinemas on July 22.

The Film Had Plenty Of Flaws – Acting, Editing And Directorial

The movie ‘Ishq Positive’ was released throughout Pakistan on the past weekend. However it failed to attract too many people. The ones who did end up seeing it had nothing but complains.

Fans and critics alike think that the reason for the poor performance of the movie was that it had a lot of editing, music, acting and direction issues. Both the lead roles, Noor and Wali Hamid Ali failed to give out a reasonable performance and it all got jumbled up in the poor post-production values the film got. If that isn’t enough, fans also criticized the movie on it’s sub standard script that didn’t work out quite well.

Noor Still Thinks The Movie Was A Massive Success


Even though through evidence the movie didn’t turn any stones, the director and actor Noor Bukhari still thinks the movie was a success. She believes that the movie did good in terms of direction and acting. Then she also added that some select individuals are propagating against her. She believes that people like them will always bark and they will continue doing so.

I am satisfied with how the film turned out. I believe that people are simply jealous and there are certain individuals who are propagating against me. Dogs bark and that’s what they’ll continue doing

The movie reportedly made 1.2 crores in the opening weekend. This figure was acquired through unofficial sources.

She Will Be Coming Back With New Projects

Noor may have failed to make it big this time but she believes there is a lot of potential in Pakistan and she is set to return with more movies as a director. She has promised that the new projects will be more appealing to the audience.

Noor And Sana Had A Fit During Post Production

Ishq Positive didn’t just have problems after release. During post production, there were reports of massive misunderstandings between Noor and film star Sana. Her item song was cut away from the movie as a result and Sana did not make an appearance during the red carpet event of the movie. Rumors suggest that Noor was keen on bringing her sister Faria Bukhari to the spotlight so she had to get rid of Sana who might have overshadowed the performance of Faria.


In other news, there was also a controversy towards the leading actor and actresses relationship. Apparently the two had tied knot back in 2015 while the film was still being filmed.