New Kashmir Campaign Highlights How Celebrities Would Look If They Went Through The Same

Warning: Following post contains graphic photography/images that may be disturbing to some. Viewer discretion is advised. 

The past week has been devastating for Kashmiris who are subjected to fierce fight against the Indian Forces which led to the killing of pro-independence leader Burhan Wani. So far, about 45 people have lost their lives and others have been critically injured. The injured are counted 2,000 and growing.

While many Pakistanis have been verbal about the issue, the neighbouring country and the rest of the world have been quite silent about it.

Hamza Ali Abbasi Was Silenced

When Hamza Ali Abbasi took on Facebook to highlight the issue in his own words, Facebook was quick to remove his post. A lot of Pakistanis stood with Hamza and blamed Facebook for having double standards. Facebook has recently been deleting/censoring posts regarding Kashmir which further shows how the international community is stopping from the issue from being highlighted.

New Campaign Hopes To Highlight Issue And Target People Who Are Silent

A new campaign was launched by ‘Never Forget Pakistan’, led by Mohammad Jibran Nasir. They took portraits of different celebrities including Mark Zuckerberg and edited them to look like the victims of pallet gun abuse which has been the top weapon used against the Kashmiris.

Here are the images:

Here Are The Original Photos of Some Of The Pallet Gun Victims In Kashmir

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