Meet The Third Most Top Ranked Pakistani Bug Hunter In The World

Pakistan is not lacking in national talent who have made it big in the world out there. There’s Sharmeen Obaid, Malala Yousufzai, Abdul Sattar Edhi and many others to name a few. But what we often miss out on are the heroes from our IT/Tech industry. Pakistan has numerous achievers in the technology world who are making big names out there while we are simply unaware of their presence.

Meet Shahmeer Amir, Third Most Top Ranked Bug Buster and 11th Most Top Rated Hacker In The World


Shahmeer Amir, who belongs to Multan has been ranked as the third most top ranked bug buster in the world by DarkReading and the 11th most high ranked hacker in the world by HackerOne. Both of these companies are known keep a list of the finest hackers and bug busters from around the world.

Shahmeer is an ethical hacker who has reported hundreds of bugs to 300+ global organizations. This has made him $150,000 in reward money so far. Some of the organizations he reports to include big names like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Dropbox, LinkedIn and many more. He has risen to fame in just 2 years time.

Invitation to DefCON


Those of you unfamiliar with DefCON will be surprised to know that this convention is one of the biggest in the world. It’s like IIFA for Bollywood, World Cup for Cricket and Wrestlemania for WWE. The biggest hacking convention attracts hundreds of hackers from around the world to take part in different activities that include capture the flag and busting bugs in a software in given time.

He Started Ethical Hacking At A Very Young Age

Shameer was always keen on solving technical issues on his personal computer. He got so interested in fixing problems that it came as a second nature for him to troubleshoot anything. One day, while studying at Hamdard University he came upon a cyber security seminar going on. This is when he got interested into ethical hacking and bug hunting. From there on he did his own research using online courses and resources.

Shahmeer was never from the computing background, he did his degree in Electrical Engineering. His current standings in the IT security world proves that anyone can get into Cyber Security if they are passionate enough.

Shahmeer Runs His Own Startup Cyphlon

Shahmeer is currently managing his startup Cyphlon in lahore with a small team of 6 people. His company works under the Punjab IT Board and Plan9. They are trying their best to secure the IT defenses of Pakistan to protect it against cyber criminals and threats from across the world.

His Number One Advice To Start Your Career In Ethical Hacking And Bug Hunting

Interested in ethical hacking and bug hunting? You could start by listening to the advice from the man himself. Shahmeer strongly recommends doing your research before you can even think of making money. He recommends learning first and then going for the earning, which a lot of people do not want to do. He also recommends donating generally which will help you gain religious favor and blessings.

Today Cybersecurity is a major problem across the globe. It has gotten so big that in the UK Cyber Crime is Outpacing traditional crime. So if you want to begin, begin by completing online certifications that are available in hundreds. A good place to start is