Kitab Launches Urdu Thesaurus Website & Application

For those of you who are actively contributing content in the Urdu language can now finally have some help in selecting the right words for your content. Kitab has just launched the world’s first Urdu Thesaurus in the form of a website and an Android application.

20,000 Sets Of Synonyms Available

The Kitab Thesaurus, compiled by and developed by Founder Musharraf Ali Farooqi, consists of over 40,000 unique Urdu words and 20,000 sets of synonyms to help you with all kinds of content needs. There is a comprehensive search-system installed on the website and application that will get you instant results.

But this isn’t where Musharraf Ali is stopping. He is hoping to expand the service in the near future as he gathers more data and add more and more words and synonyms to the database. He also aims to add unique terminologies from technical fields like medicine, law, science, art and engineering which will ultimately help people learning all these subjects in college and universities in Urdu. A translation service is also expected to be launched in the upcoming months.

Promoting The Urdu Language In Pakistan


The Kitab Urdu Thesaurus service aims to promote the Urdu language in Pakistan. Currently there are only English thesauruses available on the internet. Those who want to learn more about the language have to depend on traditional Urdu dictionaries which can be time consuming.

The editorial team of the service consists of big names like Muhammad Salim-ur-Rahman, Tehsin Firaqi, Moeen Nizami and Mazhar Mahmood Shairani.

It Took 5 Years Of Development

The Kitab Urdu Thesaurus took around 5 years of development period before launch was possible. Founder Musharraf Ali Farooqi had noticed that such a service would greatly help people who want to learn Urdu or pursue subjects in Urdu. They had nowhere to go other than Urdu Dictionaries. The new service will not only save them time, but will make it extremely easy to find what they are looking for.

Kitab Urdu Thesaurus Website And Application


For those of you who are already professionally working using Urdu Language, can go and use the website here. And if you regularly use your Android powered smartphone in Urdu language, you can download the application using the Google Play Store.

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