Dawlence Group Is Now Officially Owned By Turkish Company

Dawlance lia tau baat bani!

We’ve all heard the slogan which represents Pakistan’s iconic appliances company Dawlance. Being the market leader in Pakistan, it has produced several appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, Air conditioners, microwaves and much more. The company has earned its respect and fame by providing affordable options to Pakistani public that are also brimming with quality.

Now the company is set to be acquired by Turkish company.

Dawlance Group has just signed an acquisition deal that is worth $258 million with Arcelik AS Group, a company based in Turkey. The Turkish company has a lot of confidence in the economic conditions of Pakistan and thus have decided to acquire the group.

The news spread when Deutsche bank report was released which showed the evidence of the deal.

Arcelik is the world’s 6th largest home appliances maker. Acquiring Dawlance means that some of the products from the Turkish company will now be available from Dawlance.


In addition to that, Arcelik will also be expanding its production network by installing 3 new production plants in two different locations in Pakistan.

Currently there is no more news available on how the acquisition will affect Dawlance. We will keep you updated as soon as this story develops and new details emerge.