Bambu Sauce Releases New Song ‘Vuzzeerayazam’ – A Song About Qandeel Baloch

Bambu Sauce is back with a new song. This time they made a song about the late Pakistani Facebook sensation Qandeel Baloch titled ‘Vuzzeerayazam’ (Prime Minister). Their new song made headlines on BBC and made an appearance on BBC Radio.

From Islamabad To USA

Bambu Sauce is a punk rock band originating from Islamabad but now they are based in the United States. The band is best known for its songs Mojambo, Bunyan and Jiggernaut.

In an interview to Tribune, the band revealed they named themselves ‘Bambu Sauce’ because the name Knumb was already taken.

When asked why they released their newest track on Qandeel Baloch, the band had the following to say:

I saw something major happening in the Pakistani cultural landscape and I wanted to say something about it. ‘Sharam‘ is one of the widely used concepts in Pakistan. Here was someone who had none. I think that’s worthy of some music.

In the song, they also call Qandeel baloch a ‘quam ki beti’. When asked why they chose to label her with such titles, they added:

People who have previously been bestowed those titles made me believe that. I think there’s been no one better qualified than her.

Why you probably haven’t heard about Bambu Sauce yet


If you have never heard about Bambu Sauce or their songs, you are not alone. The band refuses to go mainstream and want to produce music that synergizes with their thoughts. Here’s what they say about being mainstream.

If by mainstream you mean we’ll do something that will be on Coke Studio then probably not,” quipped Masterjee Bumbu. “If by mainstream you mean something that will make money, most definitely not. If by mainstream you mean something that a large number of people will fall in love with, absolutely

You can listen to the new song Vuzzeerayazam and their other tracks from their official soundcloud page. Be sure to give a hear to their Bunnayn, Jiggernaut and Mojambo songs.

Here are some official videos from the band:

This story originally appeared on Tribune