A Pakistani Wrestler Has Made It To WWE

Growing up in the nineties, Pakistanis have been a huge following of WWE. If there was one sport after cricket that we loved in that era, it has to be professional wrestling. Even today a lot of people watch WWE and a lot of us still have undisputed love for the World Wrestling Entertainment.

Here is just one of the fan videos by kids made following WWE trends.


Where Baadshah Pehalwan Khan Failed, Prince Mustafa Ali Succeeded

Baadshah Pehlwan Khan

Most of you will remember Baadshah Pehalwan Khan from last year who applied for the reality wrestling show WWE Tough Enough. The winner of this reality show gets a ticket to fight in WWE. Unfortunately, Baadshah could not make it through the show and failed to reach his ultimate destination; the WWE. A lot of Pakistanis were disheartened because they have been waiting for decades to see a Pakistani enter the iconic ring.

Enter Prince Mustafa Ali – First Pakistani To Make It To WWE


Prince Mustafa Ali is a Pakistani origin youngster who has achieved the impossible; a part in the WWE. Ali is a part of the Cruiserweight Classic Tournament which will be aired on the official WWE Network. He was born in Chicago and has been professionally wrestling since he was 13 years old. He has always wanted to be a wrestler since the very beginning. The likes of Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho and Hardy Boyz inspired him to become one.

His official page is up on WWE website

Ali Has Been Trying To Earn A Contract Since 2013

The young wrestler admitted that his only dream was to be in the WWE. He was so passionate about it that he even gave a performance test to the WWE but was rejected because they believed he did not look like someone they wanted on the roster. They did however agree that Ali wrestled quite well.

He Refuses To Play A Bad Character

WWE has a history of putting the stars in bad and good light. The drama that happens in and outside the ring has to have many different characters with different personalities. While some wrestlers get to be the good guys, other don’t. Ali was offered to play a character of a Terrorist in the ring by another wrestling promoter. But he denied and said that he will play a character that will be neutral. A character that will be free of ethnic or racial labels. He wants to prove that everyone is a human. Ali can also play characters pretty well, below is a video proving that he can act too.



Here is a short tribute video showing his wrestling skills

Ali Has Faced The Likes Of Jerry The King Lawler and Chavo Guerrero

Ali recalls that the biggest moment in his professional career as wrestler was when he stepped into the ring against the likes of Chavo Guerrero and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler. He admits that stepping into the ring with iconic wrestlers like the two gets you to learn a lot from.


Ali Hopes To Further Promote WWE In Pakistan

Ali recalls that when WWE signed The Great Khali, there was a huge surge in popularity in India. He wants to do the same for his country. Ali’s parents are from Karachi, Pakistan. He believes that being the only Pakistani wrestler will change a lot of things about wrestling back home.