Young Pakistani Hacker Makes It To Google’s Hall Of Fame

Meet 14 year old Muhammad Shahzad, the youngest hacker from Pakistan who made it to the famed Google’s Hall of fame.

A native of lahore, Shahzad has set high standards for ethical hackers in Pakistan. He was recently added into the Hall of Fame after he had highlighted several security vulnerabilities in Google.

But this isn’t the first time Shahzad was appreciated for his work. When he was just 12 years old, he had already discovered a loophole in Android 4.4 Lock Bypass. Since there is no official appreciation platform for Android, he only received an appreciation email from Google for his efforts.

The security vulnerabilities pointed out by Shahzad has caused Google to patch up its network keeping in mind all the points Shahzad sent them. After this is done, he may even be sent a reward from Google.

Shahzad has also been added to Apple’s Hall of Fame for pointing out security vulnerabilities in their OS at least twice.

Shahzad became interested in hacking when he was very young and his father’s account got hacked. Today he has to thank that event which made him pursue hacking. He now is an expert ethical hacker that points mild to severe security vulnerabilities in software, systems and network.

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