Women Unite On Social Media To Boycott Against Popular Lawn Brands

For the past couple of years, Pakistan is facing a new kind of negative trend. The trend to use the month of Ramadan to boost business, sales and ratings.

Everyone from small businessmen to TV channels and big name brands are using the holy month to score mounds of cash. This year, designer wear has gone significantly expensive as Eid is nearing.

Several brands have launched their Eid collection. While some of the brands are providing clothes and other accessories at reasonable prices, others have boosted the price by triple this year.

For example, Eid collection from a notable brand is now starting at RS 14,500. This has enraged a lot of women and have caused them to boycott the brands that are asking too much for a mere Eid dress. The ladies have joined hands on social media to boycott with the following chained copy/paste message:

I agree let’s copy and paste let’s boycott

Spending 14500 rupees for a single lawn dress on the name of EID COLLECTION like Zainab chottani or Mina Hassaan this is truly insane.I bet next year they’ll start their prices from 21500 as last year Eid collection started with 9800. May b they believe we all belong to the family of ‪#‎MrIshaqDar‬.

It’s high time to let these designers realise that our men are struggling hard for us and we
Respect and care the halal earning of our husband, father or any other care taker.
Raise your voice…

Share and Boycott such Eid Collections after all we belong to a Deen that promotes simplicity and Balance. Though 15000 is not a big amount for most of us but do remember some people work 24/7 to get one big note of 5000/- which they manage for the rest 30 Days.

Let’s create some Difference This Eid!

Share & Care!

Do you think the prices of designer wear this year are justified? Let us in on your thoughts.