Watch: Oh Nothing, Just A Lonely Man Trying To Romance A Lion

Companionship is extremely important for human beings. But a lot of times we don’t find the love of our life, leaving us broken hearted. A forever alone man in India just set new records when he attempted to find romance with the most ferocious partner a man could find; a lion.

Several people caught Mukesh, a 35 year old native of Rajasthan on video attempting to woo a lion. The poor guy got so much drunk that he had no idea what he was doing.

After getting insanely drunk, Mukesh jumped inside an enclosure for lions in the Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad. Several people who caught him on camera report that he tried to shake hands with the lions while shouting ‘Aja Meri Jaaneman’.


While Mukesh was busy trying to find love, panicked people around the enclosure started yelling for the authorities to come and save him. Luckily, he was rescued later without any injuries and quite possibly, evaded death.