Watch: Microsoft Announces Xbox One Successor ‘Project Scorpio’ Arriving Late Next Year

The Xbox family will see a brand new member coming in to take over the charge next year. With the Xbox One, Microsoft quite didn’t get what it wanted. The sale figures of the console shows that its arch rival, the Sony Playstation 4 has been taking the lead ever since both the consoles were released.

This is due to Xbox One’s inferior hardware which was unable to beat Playstation 4’s raw power when it came to bringing out the best graphics running under a stable frame rate.

It usually takes at least 8-10 years of product cycle for a company to release a new console, but this time, tired of being behind of the behemoth PS4, Microsoft is finally breaking the cycle by announcing a more powerful version of the Xbox One console.

Owners of the current Xbox One console will not be forced to upgrade because Microsoft has announced that everything they will release will be supportable on the original console and the newly announced Xbox One S console.


Project Scorpio will be all in all a very powerful console that will allow 4K gaming and high end VR out of the box.

Currently we have no idea how the console looks like, but this video from popular developers will definitely give you an idea about how powerful it will be. The question however remains, what will Sony do to counter this move?