Watch: Aamir Liaquat Apologizes To Bearded Taher Shoh In Public

When Eye to Eye was released, it took the internet by storm. Not just in Pakistan, but all over the world everyone had something to say about Taher Shah and his debut single ‘Eye to Eye’.

It wasn’t too soon until Aamir bhai caught attention of the online viral sensation Taher Shah. He quickly invited him to his morning show where he took every little opportunity to brutally insult Taher Shah in front of live audience. Have a look at the video below

AMir Liaquat Over Insulted Tahir Shah Eye to Eye by dramasonline

After nearly three years and the release of Taher Shah’s second insanely viral ‘Angel’ single, Aamir shahab finally decided it’s time to apologize to the online singing sensation.

During his new Ramadan Transmission show ‘Pak Ramazan’, host Aamir Liaquat entered the show on a scooter while wearing a blue gown much similar to what Taher Shah wore in his ‘Angel’ video song.


At first it seemed like the host was ready for round 2 of insults targeted towards Taher, but it quickly turned into a completely different scenario. He invited Taher Shah once again and this time only to apologize for what he did in the past years. Watch the video below

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