Wanna Get High? Snort Some Chocolate!

You heard that right. Chocolate is the new high. And we aren’t talking about over indulging on your favorite dairy milk chocolate in hopes of getting smashed.

A new trend amongst Europeans is quickly taking the internet by storm. A new line of crazy snorting cocoa has hit Europe’s nightclubs. Many of them are now offering this new cocoa powder which can be snorted to get a ‘high’ feeling.

Many of European Nightclubs are already offering the cocoa instead of other drugs like ecstasy, cocaine and marijuana.

The Berlin Club Alchemy & Eros for example, are providing raw cocoa in powdered, liquid and pill form to keep their loyal clubbers going on and on during rave parties in the late night.

A clubber told press that he mixes around 10 KG of cocoa with honey, cinnamon and agave syrup in a cup which he explains as a sensual hug in a cup.

The trend of chocolate snorting is so popular now that someone came up with a $60 device that makes it easy to inhale the cocoa powder.

Experts on the other hand have agreed that chocolate can give you a high because having just a little gives your body a rush of endorphins, the same hormone that is released when you are high on other drugs.

For those who are regular drug intakers, this is definitely worth a try since it is an alternative without the dangers of other drugs.