Tired Of Your First Wife? Now You Can Look For Second On This ‘Special’ Website For Finding Second Wives

British-Pakistani Entrepreneur Azad Chaiwala has set up two websites specifically for people looking for second wives. His websites, Secondwife.com and Polygamy.com were set up in 2014 to help people who were serious about getting a second wife, find a suitable partner.

Chaiwala explains that his website is not a dating site. It is meant for people who are very serious about getting married the second time.

According to him, since the inception of his two websites, more than 3,600 Canadians and other nationalities from Britain, Australia and America have already registered and used the website for this very purpose. Since its inception, the site now has more than 30,000 visitors and he believes the number will only be growing. He believes that this will force governments around the world to legalise polygamy which is has roots in Muslim cultures.

The original idea was forged only muslims to help find second wives, but now Chaiwala has set up the second site and opened it for everyone who is interested. This includes people from other religions and societies.

The website allows you to put up a single profile photo and register for free. But if you want to dig deeper and get better results, the website offers $15 monthly membership fee that gives you the ability to upload more pictures, do unlimited browsing and contact a suitable partner through messaging.

Chaiwala’s team makes sure that only serious people get to the free registrations. His team verifies the emails and IDs of the members and makes sure that they are decent.