The Food Is Coming! Game Of Thrones Themed Cafe Goes Live In Lahore

There is no denying that Game Of Thrones is as much as popular in Pakistan than the rest of the world. The series is so popular that people of Pakistan has created several memes and other relatable local content featuring iconic characters from the series.

Now someone is taking the whole concept of ‘Tribute’ to a whole new level. There is now a ‘Game of Thrones’ themed cafe in Lahore.

Cafe Thrones has just opened its doors to the public. It features a decor that, if not accurately, still gives you a feeling to an extent that you are sitting in a medieval tavern.

Although the idea is great, but we believe the decor and the custom menu dishes could have been better. The menu item names don’t feel too creative or fun to look at.

The team definitely hasn’t worked hard on the decor because we didn’t even see the house flags (really?).

Oh and there really isn’t no The Iron Thrones inside the cafe. (SAD-AF)

But still, the place is worth checking out.

Cafe Thrones is now open in Johar Town L Block near Khokhar Chowk. If you visit the cafe before 7th June, you’ll be given a free chocolate dessert with every meal you offer.

Here are some of the images of the cafe