Telenor Becomes Pakistan’s Third 4G Enabled Network

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is all set to announce Telenor Pakistan as the winner of the latest 850mhz spectrum auction.

Earlier, PTA had announced the auction for 10 MHz block in 850MHz band to be available at a starting price of $395 million. For this, Telenor was the only network who submitted the bid, hence securing 4G medium for themselves.

Because there was only one bidder at the auction, PTA had the right to cut off the auction and delay it for later so more bidders would be interested in getting the new spectrum. But the regulatory authority instead went ahead and let the auction take place. Telenor has secured the 4G spectrum at the base price mentioned above.

A formal announcement will be made by PTA in the coming days through a press release. The license award ceremony will also take place after sometime the official announcement goes live.

By winning this auction, Telenor has officially become the third network in Pakistan to offer 4G services. Before them, only two networks were offering 4G services. They are Zong and Warid respectively.

The timeline for 4G services to go live on Telenor are still not announced. But the network has already conducted successful tests across Pakistan so it shouldn’t take too long. Expect the service to go live in the coming few months.

Moreover, those who already actively enjoy Telenor 3G will see improvement in their base speed.