QMobile Rebrands Itself And Releases An Ad That Will Kick You Right In The Feels

QMobile is undoubtedly Pakistan’s biggest smartphone brand. After many years of success, the QMobile brand has finally adopted a new image. Undergoing the rebranding process, the company has launched a brand new ad campaign that is both emotional and inspiring for Pakistanis, especially teenage girls who want to pursue their dreams.


Before you watch the ad, we advise that you grab a box of tissues because this one is really going to touch you from the inside.

The message behind the ad is clear; it tells a story about a young woman who wants to pursue a different career, a cricketing career. But as always with any Pakistani girl or boy, there is significant parental influence that stops them from pursuing their dreams. In this ad, the girl’s father is shown to be against the decision of her daughter to become a cricketer.

But as the tale unfolds, we are told to continue pursuing our dreams. It also carries a message for our parents; let us what we want to be and stop telling us what we are ‘supposed’ to do with our lives. In short, have faith in your children’s decisions for their lives.

Now without further due, let’s watch it together


This isn’t the only ad that has sucessfully connected with Pakistanis on an emotional level. Few of others are below:





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