Qandeel Baloch May Participate In Big Boss 10

The entire country is going crazy after Qandeel Baloch shared a news post which seemed like a rumor stating that the internet star will appear in the 10th season of Big Boss.

Although it is still a rumor, but Baloch has used the opportunity to sky rocket her popularity by officially sharing every news piece about her participation in the seasonal reality show.

She hasn’t officially announced that she will be participating in the show, but she continues to share news from around the internet, maybe hoping that her popularity will actually make Big Boss officials reach her for participation.

From how quickly the news of her appearance in the show has set fire on the internet, there is now a possibility that this may actually turn out to be a reality.

In another rumor, it has been said that the Queen of gossip has already received an offer to appear in the show which will have her earn 1.75 crores.

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