Pakistan’s First Anime Will Now Be Fully Voiced In Urdu When It releases

Japanese Anime has been entertaining the world with its unique animation style and stories. The art style is so popular in the world that it has inspired many animators from around the globe to adapt the art style. Now one Pakistani has set his eyes to bring Anime to Pakistan.

Usman Riaz who belongs to Karachi who has been blessed with many talents. He not only plays guitar but also creates pieces of art that portray his feelings and experiences.

Usman recently reached out to Kickstart to request fans of Anime art style to help him bring the the art style to the country.

After a successful Kickstarter, he is all set to create and release the Anime in the country and around the world.

With the success of Kickstarter, Usman is now also able to produce the anime and localize it for Pakistan. His anime ‘The Glassworker’ will now be fully voiced in Urdu when it releases in Pakistan. He has even given the anime an Urdu name ‘Sheeshghar’.


The Glassworker, or rather Sheeshghar will tell a story of two children from different walks of life. The film will revolve around the two main characters as they experience life as it grows and becomes more and more complicated and affecting their relationship. In a recent event, Usman had to say the following to the fans:

Not only will The Glassworker be Pakistan’s first fully hand drawn animated film but it will also have a fully realized orchestral score that harkens back to the more romantic era of animation with sweeping orchestral scores and memorable themes,

The film will be set within a landscape of political unrest, I will be drawing from my own experiences and other people’s experiences growing up in Pakistan.

The film will be divided into two parts. The first will run for 30 minutes while the second will take the form of a full feature 90 minute film.