New Stabilizing Handle Aims To Help People With Tremors

Tremors is a neurological condition that can cause shaking and trembling in your body without any intention. It is a global problem affecting approximately 200 million.

Having regular tremors isn’t associated as life threatening. But it can still be associated with multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s Disease.

Last month a Pakistani startup took it to kickstarter to launch a wearable that would help people track their tremors and find out what causes them so a doctor can properly diagnose them.

People with tremors usually find it very difficult to eat food especially if they are using a spoon or a fork. But a new product, known as the Liftware, is here to help them out.

The Liftware is basically a stabilizing handle that attaches any utensil and helps in stabilizing the spoon or fork so people with tremors can easily eat their food.

The Liftware stabilizing handle is installed with sensors that can detect the motion of the hand using a small onboard computer. To provide stability, the computer puts two motors on the handle to use which works opposite to the direction of the detected tremor.

It is entirely automatic and according to the company, it can stabilize the shaking 70% lesser than your hand.

Watch the video below to learn more