Microsoft To Enter Marijuana Business

If you read that and thought Microsoft may be producing marijuana infused cigarettes, then my friend, let us remind you, the world hasn’t come to that yet.

Microsoft however is still entering the legal marijuana business in a different way.

The company has just welcomed compliance company ‘Kind Financial’ into its Azure Government cloud platform.

Kind is based in Los Angeles and has provided seed-to-sale tracking solutions. It was recently working with Microsoft as a client of their Azure Cloud. The company joined platform in 2014. After working for 9 months with the platform, the CEO of the company, David Dinenberg received the good news, his company was now being promoted to the Azure Government platform. This cloud platform has always dealt with protocols that allow interaction with the federal agencies.

In an interview, Kind’s CEO Dinenberg had the following to say:

Thanks to Microsoft’s huge reach, it’ll be easier for us to target every state with our compliance solutions,It’s a win-win for both of us as more states look to legalize medical marijuana.

Currently 25 states in the United States of America has legalized the use of medical marijuana. Recreational use however, is still quite low as only a handful of states have agreed to use marijuana legally for recreation. Soon about 5 more states will join the legalization.